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Our team of talented legal professionals work hard to develop close and understanding relationships with every client to ensure whatever they want to get done in life, at work or at home, we help them achieve it with clear, concise practical advice. We speak your language.

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Legal pitfalls to avoid when surrendering a lease

One lingering consequence of the pandemic is that many tenants are locked into commercial leases of properties that they no longer require. The need for physical retail outlets has been...

The Return of the 100% Mortgage

For many years, the UK economy has been known for its peaks and troughs.  The cyclical nature of the UK’s economy is closely linked to the UK property market. Home...
Employment Law Update

Expected Developments in Employment Law

The Government has recently announced a range of changes that it intends to make to employment law.  We have set out below a summary of the expected changes that are...

Lasting Powers of Attorney – Be Prepared!

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) have been part of our legal framework since 2007 but many people remain unfamiliar with them.  Any person over the age of 18, who has...

Companies must be wary of unhappy shareholders

If a shareholder in a registered company holds less than 50% of the shares, they are classed as a minority shareholder and are also known as members of the company....

Workplace bullying: identifying it, dealing with it and preventing it

The recent resignation of the Deputy Prime Minster, Dominic Raab, serves as an important reminder for employers of the importance of fairly and promptly addressing allegations of bullying in the...

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Anna Bithrey, Solicitor