Coronation Street’s separated Fiz and Tyrone decide it’s good to talk

Viewers of Coronation Street have recently witnessed the breakdown of the relationship of Fiz and Tyrone, who were once thought of as the soap’s fairy-tale couple and the new Jack and Vera.

Initially caused by Tyrone’s infidelity, Fiz allowed her anger following the separation to spill over into discussions regarding their children, Hope and Ruby.  Both parties threatened to start Court proceedings and Fiz even called the police in an attempt to catch Tyrone driving whilst under the influence of alcohol to discredit him.  Things got so bad that Tyrone threatened to split the children up; Ruby being Tyrone’s daughter by birth and Hope being Fiz’s daughter by birth.

Eventually, after listening to friends and family, Fiz and Tyrone agreed to sort out their problems calmly and without making an application to the Court.  Taking a step back and considering the best interests of the children is the most important thing when separated parents are considering the arrangements for the care of children.  Attending mediation or asking a third party to help with discussions can avoid the costs and stress of Court proceedings.  Obtaining legal advice will also help to inform the parents of the legal position and to talk through all the options available to reach an agreement.

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