Data Protection & Freedom of Information

Our experienced team regularly work with clients on a range of issues related to data protection and freedom of information.

We help clients across the public sector and a wide range of private sector industries to help minimise the impact that The Data Protection Act (1998) has on the way they conduct their businesses, and to help them with designing or maintaining critical business practices.

In addition, we also work with our clients to help them understand how the data they collect and hold can potentially be utilised and maximised as a key commercial asset.

Our experience in this field includes:

  • Developing total compliance solutions (methodologies, audit questionnaires and policies)
  • Workshops for staff
  • Advising multi-national corporations on cross border information flows
  • Advising on rapidly changing online and new media implications including cookies, data aggregation, censorship, encryption and interception
  • Advice on data protection issues affecting employees, via our dedicated employment team

We also have significant experience of assisting clients in relation to the Freedom of Information Act 2000. As well as advising in relation to the submission of information requests, we also have experience of advising organisations on how to protect the information supplied to the public sector from being disclosed. We work with clients to develop internal processes to manage the requirements of this complex piece of legislation for both the public and private sector.

To find out more about our work in relation to data protection and freedom of information, and how we can support your organisation in this area please contact us.