Private Equity and Venture Capital

Our private equity team has extensive experience advising financial investors in structuring, implementing, operating and exiting from buyout transactions and other equity investments.

We have experience in advising private equity and venture capital funds in connection with all stages of the investment, operational and exit processes. We understand that different investment vehicles are subject to different demands from their investors as to transaction terms, returns, investment periods, contingent liabilities, exit terms, management investment terms, reporting requirements and regulatory compliance.

This experience includes advising on the following:

  • MBO’s, MBI’s, co-investments, syndications and club deals
  • Transaction structuring
  • Company formation
  • Equity and debt structuring
  • Management and employee incentivisation including warrant and option terms
  • Terms of the sale and purchase agreement
  • Locked box and price adjustment provisions
  • Warranty, indemnity and limitation provisions
  • Warranty insurance
  • Earn-out structures
  • Investment and subscription agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Governance and exit rights
  • Articles of association
  • Share right differentiation
  • Shareholder and third party debt instruments
  • Ratchet mechanisms
  • Fiduciary duties and confidentiality obligations
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Anti-bribery and corruption legislation