• Changes to holiday pay - what does it mean for your business?

    A series of recent decisions has left many employers confused about how they should approach the calculation of holiday pay. 

  • Travel time to first and last job of the day

    In Federacion de Servicios Privados del sindicato Comisiones Obreras v Tyco Integrated Security SL and another (c-266/14), the ECJ decided that time spent by peripatetic workers travelling between their home and the premises of their first and last customers of the day was working time under the

  • Update on Mandatory Gender Pay Reporting

    Update on Mandatory Gender Pay Reporting - Do not waste time, start planning now!

    The Small Business and Enterprise Act 2015 means that the Government must adopt regulations requiring mandatory gender pay gap reporting by 25 March 2016. 

  • NeTWork May 2016

    This month we talk about: Trade Union Bill receives Royal Assent; Meaning of Philosophical Belief; Consultation on tipping; Indirect religious discrimination; Restrictive Covenants – call for evidence; Discrimination arising from disability.

  • NeTWork June 2016

    This month we talk about: Referendum result - UK to leave the EU, Ill health dismissals and the ACAS Code, Prohibition on headscarf in the workplace and Does an employee have to be forced to do something for it to be a provision, criterion or practice?

  • NeTWork July 2016

    This month we talk about: Ban on Islamic headscarf was direct discrimination, New illegal working offence comes into force, Protected Disclosures, National minimum wage enforcement and SOSR Dismissals and the ACAS Code

  • NeTWork October 2016

    This month we talk about: Increase in National Minimum Wage; Discrimination in the recruitment process; Consultation on Caste Discrimination; Family Friendly Rights; Changes to taxation of termination payments; and New government apprenticeship guidance published.

  • What should be included in a Staff Handbook?

    Taylor Walton will be holding free employment law workshops at the end of February/ beginning of March in relation to what should be included in a staff handbook and its legal implications.

  • NeTWork January 2017

    This month we discuss: Upcoming increases in statutory payments, Mandatory Gender Pay Reporting, Reasonable Adjustments, Auto-enrolment updates and Rest Breaks.

  • NeTWork February 2017

    This month we talk about: Apprenticeship Levy, Increases to the National Minimum Wage, Court of Appeal finds “Self-employed Operative” was a worker, Increases in compensation limits and National Minimum Wage – Argos ordered to pay back pay of £2.4m.

  • Is a Complaint about a private workplace dispute whistleblowing?

    The Court of Appeal in the case of Chesterton Global Ltd v Nurmohamed (the Chesterton case) has concluded that matters which are in the worker’s private interests does not prevent the matter also being in the public interest. As a result employers should consider whether complaints made by