• Shareholder disputes - Issues associated with removing a shareholder who is also a director and employee of the Company

    There are various reasons why a company would want to remove a shareholder. It could be that the shareholder is considering other investments or perhaps need their money for personal reasons. It could also be due to the death of a shareholder or in some instances, a dispute between the company and the shareholder.

    When these issues typically arrive at Taylor Walton, nine times out of ten, it is because the majority shareholder or shareholders have an issue with a shareholder who is also a director and employee of the company.  They come in to discuss the employment aspects but then, of course, we also have to talk about the shareholder aspects.

    Having a shareholders agreement in place already, pre-emptively resolves a number of  problems you will otherwise encounter if you do not have one. 

  • Relationship Breakdown

    Dealing with the breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership can be one of the most stressful life events you are likely to face. This factsheet provides some useful guidance.