Published by: Will Mercer

Cold Feet’s “Quickie divorce” reference

ITV’s hit sitcom Cold Feet depicting three couples experiencing their fair share of break ups and extra-marital affairs has recently returned to our screens after a 12 year absence.

In the final episode of the new series, fans of the show saw one of the main characters, David Marsden, proclaim that his Wife, Robyn, had agreed to a “Quickie Divorce”.  It is unclear to what David was referring but he seemed to imply that there is some process in law to allow divorcing couples to effectively speed up the divorce process.

In fact, there is no such procedure to speed up divorce proceedings and the majority of divorce suits these days proceed in an undefended manner, which is presumably what David was referring to.  Assuming there are no delays and the Respondent does not defend the proceedings, the divorce process itself normally takes between 3 and 6 months from the date the petition is issued by the Court to the date of the decree absolute, the final decree of divorce.

In most cases, the parties in divorce proceedings will be advised by their lawyers that contesting the proceedings is unlikely to be productive because it will significantly increase the costs and is unlikely to have any impact on the division of finances or the arrangements for the care of the children.  In reality, (for the most part at least), gone are the days when divorcing couples spend significant time and money arguing about who caused the breakdown of the marriage.

What usually takes more time to resolve, and often leads to significant costs, are the arrangements regarding the division of financial matters on divorce and the arrangements for the care of the children.

Fans of the show will be pleased to note that filming for a seventh series will apparently commence next year.