Collaborative Law

This approach to resolving disputes focuses on bringing the respective parties together to agree on a solution without court intervention.

Collaborative law can be used to resolve disputes relating to separation, divorce, children or financial issues. The process provides an open forum for discussion between the parties – with their respective collaborative lawyers – to address issues such as the division of matrimonial or civil partnership assets or those relating to the care of children following separation.

Collaborative lawyers are trained in negotiation skills and focus on helping their clients to resolve issues together. The parties enter into an agreement that they will not issue court proceedings, that they will provide open and frank disclosure of financial assets and that only on the conclusion of an agreement will the terms of that agreement be submitted to the Court in a Consent Order for the approval of the District Judge.

The parties also acknowledge that should it not be possible to reach an agreement, that the collaborative lawyers will withdraw from the process and the parties will then appoint new solicitors to manage their case through the process of litigation.

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