Fathers Day

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate fatherhood and paternal bonds but for many fathers and children it can represent a difficult day, especially for those who are separated from their children.

In May 2021, the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service, (Cafcass) reported an increase in the number of applications made to the Family Court in respect of children. In May 2021 alone, Cafcass received 3539 new private law cases which involved 5211 children. Cafcass also reported that between April 2020 and March 2021 there were 45,780 new applications.

When parents separate, usually this will result in one or both parents having to move out of the family home. It is a hugely turbulent time for the whole family and often leads to emotions running high.

It can be incredibly difficult for a parent who is used to seeing their children on a daily basis to adapt to a new routine of seeing their children for a couple of days a week or in some instances less than that.

All too often, we hear of parents, who for no justifiable reason, have been prevented from seeing their children altogether. This can make occasions such as Father’s Day all the more unbearable to endure.

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