• Gifting assets into Trust

    Published by Hannah Borner (30 July 2019)
    Many people are keen to pass assets and wealth to their families, but worry that the assets they give away will be used unwisely. By gifting assets into Trust, you can reduce the value of your Estate for Inheritance Tax (provided you survive the gift by seven years), whilst also retaining control of those assets.  If assets are gifted outright, the recipient can decide what to do with them, during t
  • Vital information for First Time Buyers

    Published by Tobias Walker (30 July 2019)
    Even with News Outlets reporting that house prices are stagnant, many first time buyers (“FTBs”) still find themselves priced out of the property market. The government have realised this and set up various schemes to assist FTBs looking to get on the housing ladder.   1. Help to Buy Equity Loan (“H2B Loan”) A H2B loan* may be an alternative to FTBs who have considered
  • Tricky data protection issues – is your business compliant?

    Published by Heather Cowley (30 July 2019)
    What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force last May and many businesses were concerned to get the right documents in place before the deadline, such as privacy notices and data protection policies.  After this initial flurry of activity, many business owners are still unsure as to whether their employment-related practices
  • Long Leaseholds

    Published by Angela Thomas (30 July 2019)
    Freehold, Lease or Long Leasehold? When purchasing a property, the status of ownership is an important consideration that affects the purchase price, what you can do with the property and your rights on disposal. Commercial buyers need to think carefully about whether a freehold, lease or long leasehold best suits their current business requirements and their future plans. What is Freehold Property?
  • Child Arrangements

    Published by Isaac Wilson (30 July 2019)
    Arrangements for the care of children over the school holidays can be complicated where parents are separated.  With the summer holidays now upon us, we consider some practical steps to follow when separated parents are trying to agree holiday arrangements in relation to the ongoing care of their children, particularly over the holiday periods. Care for Children: Holiday Arrangements for Separated P
  • Entire Agreement Clauses

    Published by James Carpenter (30 July 2019)
    What are Entire Agreement Clauses? Entire Agreement clauses will feature in most if not all drafted contracts.  They are often described as a boilerplate clause and rarely are they subject to much, if any, scrutiny at the drafting stage.  The intention and purpose behind Entire Agreement clauses is to restrict or limit (insofar as the law allows) the parties to the express terms of agre
  • Losing a Valuable Asset

    Published by Tracey Taylor (28 June 2019)
    Long leaseholders often have the misconception that if they buy a long lease, paying several hundreds of thousands of pounds (and in many cases much more), they cannot lose it.  A recent case has said differently. Recent Case Study In the case of Gibbs v. Lakeside Developments Limited [2018] EWCA civ 2074, Mrs Gibbs lost her interest in a long leasehold flat as a result of £1,500 worth of a
  • An introduction to overage clauses for commercial property investors

    Published by Angela Thomas (28 June 2019)
    For developers and investors dealing with commercial property, achieving a good return on investment is a top priority when disposing of an asset. This is not only a sound commercial objective but is likely to be an obligation for organisations such as trusts and charities which have to attain the best possible price. If the value of the asset when it is sold is not likely to be the best achievable price, v
  • Using Company Money to Buy Out a Shareholder

    Published by Shreena Parekh (20 May 2019)
    There are many reasons why a shareholder might want to leave a company, but using company money is often the only way that the remaining shareholder(s) can afford to buy the leaver’s shares.  This is perfectly possible, but it does need to be done correctly if it is to be effective and tax efficient. A share buy-back? The usual method adopted is for the company to buy back its own shares.&n
  • Free advice for HR managers – dealing with sexual harassment

    Published by Heather Cowley (20 May 2019)
    Since the #MeToo movement gained momentum in late 2017, many individuals have felt emboldened to come forward and report incidents of unwanted sexual behaviour at work.  It is increasingly common for HR managers to be grappling with difficult issues in this area.  Allegations of sexual harassment not only cause significant reputational damage for employers but also expose them to potentially ex
  • When is a garage not for cars? The importance of clear wording and inclusion of necessary rights in a lease

    Published by Joanna Scamman (24 April 2019)
    When can you drive your car to your garage?  It depends on what your lease says. You may think that it goes without saying that a garage has to be accessible by car, but this was not what the Upper Land Tribunal found in the recent case of Park v F Morgan and C Morgan [2019] UKUT 20 (LC).  The case highlights the court’s reticence to change retrospectively the wording of a lease and the c
  • Blame in divorce proceedings to be eradicated

    Published by Will Mercer (18 April 2019)
    Family Law practitioners who have been calling for a change in divorce law will note with optimism the outcome of the Government’s recent public consultation into reform of the divorce law. David Gauke, the Justice Secretary, has recently announced the Government’s response to a 12 week public consultation entitled Reform of the legal requirements for divorce and significant changes appear to
  • Practical advice on tacking employment law challenges

    Published by Heather Cowley (18 April 2019)
    Dealing with every day employment matters as well as more complex issues can be tricky for businesses that do not have in-house HR support.  Taylor Walton’s employment law team appreciates that business leaders are not HR managers and that their priority is to protect their business and to be aware of the pitfalls of employment law.   Taylor Walton's Employment Law Support & Wo
  • Getting the most out of your Terms and Conditions: Essential terms

    Published by Peter Kouwenberg (01 February 2019)
    It is vital that your terms and conditions protect your business on a wide range of issues, but the following points are particularly worthy of consideration. Limitation of Liability: T&Cs for Businesses that Provide a Service Your T&Cs should seek to cap the maximum amount of damages payable to your customer in the event that something goes wrong. How can you ensure that your limitation
  • What do you need to know about the Good Work Plan?

    Published by Nicola Smyrl (01 February 2019)
    Employment status and the gig economy were rarely out of the headlines in 2018.  This theme seems set to continue into 2019 and beyond.  The recent decision of the Court of Appeal in the Uber case, followed by the Government’s proposals for reform targeted at improving conditions for atypical workers, means that it is important for businesses to understand the potential risks and upcoming ch
  • D.I.Y. instructions on the correct way to issue court proceedings

    Published by Saljuq Haider (20 January 2019)
    Issuing Court Proceedings Independently Historically, if a debtor refused to pay for goods or services it would be the almost exclusive domain of a solicitor to raise court proceedings on your behalf.  With the advent of a concerted effort to make justice accessible to all, it has been possible for some time for companies to issue proceedings without the necessity of instructing legal advisors. 
  • Spotlight on the retail sector

    Published by Angela Thomas (23 December 2018)
    It is no secret that the retail sector has taken some hard knocks in recent years, hit by a combination of the financial downturn, changing consumer habits and the uncertainty of Brexit. The rise of out-of-town retail centres and online shopping has changed the face of retail across the UK. Those of us living near local high streets may be familiar with a regular churn of small businesses setting up only to
  • Tips for surviving the Christmas Party

    Published by Nicola Smyrl (05 December 2018)
    The Christmas party can be a great way to boost staff morale.  Most employers will be aware that the Christmas party is an extension of the workplace and that the usual obligations apply.   What this means in practice, however, can be more difficult to determine.    Practical Tips to Ensure that your Christmas Party is an Enjoyable Event   Tip 1 - Remember employers
  • Crypto-currency succession planning

    What Happens to Crypto-Currency Investments when the Investor Dies? One of the main attractions for people investing in crypto-currency has always been the extremely secure nature of the investments. While this can be reassuring for the investor, it can pose real problems for family members once the investor has died. The Private Key Crypto-currencies are incredibly secure, with multiple layers of
  • Cohabitation agreements

    Published by Olive McCarthy (23 November 2018)
    What is a Cohabitation Agreement/Cohabitation Deed? A cohabitation agreement is a written, signed document, often signed as a deed in front of witnesses. It will generally deal with three principal areas: who owns (and owes) what at the time of the agreement, and in what proportions what financial arrangements you have decided to make while you are living together, and how property, assets and
  • Family Law Specialist Solicitor and Arbitrator joins highly respected law firm Taylor Walton LLP

    Published by Olive McCarthy (23 November 2018)
    Taylor Walton LLP are delighted to announce the arrival of Family Law specialist and Arbitrator Olive McCarthy, who joins our St Albans office as a partner adding to our ever-expanding family team. Olive has over 18 years’ experience in Family Law with a particular interest in alternatives to Court proceedings. Who is Arbitration for? Arbitration is not just for the rich and famous who crave the
  • Probate Fees Hike

    Published by Richard Crocker (12 November 2018)
    What Are Probate Fees? The Government has decided to reintroduce its proposal to increase probate fees, very substantially.  Probate fees are the charges imposed by the Probate Registry for the issue of a Grant of Representation, usually a Grant of Probate, which is required to deal with the estate of a deceased person.  This is ostensibly designed to fund the current comprehensive reform of th
  • Busting Legal Myths in Conveyancing

    Published by Richard Atkins (01 October 2018)
    Moving house is not something most of us do on a regular basis and the conveyancing process is not always familiar even to those who have moved before.  There is a lot of hot air talked about conveyancing, usually by those who have no first-hand knowledge of it!  As a result, myths have grown up confusing people who are embarking on a move.   The Top Ten Myths in Conveyancing &nbs
  • Sickness Absence & Disability Discrimination

    Published by Alec Colson (19 September 2018)
    Letting an Employee Go due to High Absence Employers tolerate a reasonable level of sickness absence by their employees but when the absences become high, employers may consider letting any of those employees go. In such circumstances, the employee's potential rights must be considered especially if these absences are due to any type of disability. What Categorises an Employee as Disabled? Unde
  • Life after GDPR

    Published by Peter Kouwenberg (20 August 2018)
    Unless you have been living under a rock, you will undoubtedly be aware that the new The EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) came into force on 25 May 2018. The tidal wave of update notices and consent emails flooding into our inboxes has now subsided, but dealing with the implications of GDPR and all it involves is now part of everyday life for businesses across the UK. For man
  • What is being done to protect victims of domestic abuse? The answer- not enough

    Published by Anna Patsalides (02 August 2018)
    Domestic Abuse - Key Statistics Statistics show that English, Welsh and Northern Irish Police receive calls about domestic related abuse every 30 seconds. Two women are killed each week by a current or former partner in England and Wales. There is an assumption that only women suffer from domestic abuse. But figures recorded between 2016 -2017 confirm 31% of domestic abuse victims were male. Unf
  • Coronation Street highlights the difficulties faced by grandparents

    Published by Anna Patsalides (20 July 2018)
    Coronation Street is one of the longest-running British TV soaps and admittedly one of my own guilty pleasures. The show has seen many family Law issues highlighted over the years.   The Storyline   The storyline which is keeping everybody gripped at the moment is Johnny Connor’s abduction of his granddaughter Susie. Susie was believed to have been born by a surrogate mothe
  • Taylor Walton's Holiday Checklist- it’s not just sunscreen, shades and swimsuits you need to be thinking about.

    Published by Anna Patsalides (16 July 2018)
    With school holidays fast approaching summer getaways are on the horizon for many families this year. As a family solicitor, I am often asked for advice from separated or divorced parents about whether they need to ask the other parent for their consent before taking a child abroad. It is not at the forefront of every parent’s mind especially if they have been through a difficult breakup. It is,
  • Planning for the Future: Considerations when Tying the Knot for a Second (or Subsequent) Time

    Published by Natalie Hughes (05 April 2018)
    With the latest Office for National Statistics survey showing that the average age of divorcing couples is 46 for men and 43 for women, it is no surprise that divorced couples may go on to find new partners they wish to marry later in life. What are the complications when remarrying later in life? Individuals may have accumulated assets and are more likely to have inherited money from relatives or eve
  • Minimising and Managing Staff Turnover

    Published by Heather Cowley (22 March 2018)
    A stable workforce which meets the needs of the business is a key requirement for any business and all businesses strive to achieve this. The battle to achieve the prize of a stable and appropriate workforce is never fully won. Market forces, changes in the needs of the business and in particular growth strategies upset the balance in the workforce. At the start of this year the Director General of th
  • Legal issues when growing a business

    As we head into 2018, many businesses will be looking to drive growth. This seemingly simple goal is not without its challenges. Here we explore three key areas of consideration when looking to grow your business: 1. Terms & Conditions: Common Pitfalls As your business grows it is essential to keep your eye on the ball - standard terms and conditions should be updated regularly in accord
  • Rules are Rules

    Published by Claire Baynham (06 March 2018)
    In this day and age you may be forgiven for thinking that sending formal documents by email, such as a Claim Form (the first step in bringing Court proceedings against another individual or company), is acceptable. Unfortunately, the position is not that straightforward. In a recent case which came before the Supreme Court, Mr Barton (who was not represented by solicitors) purported to serve a Claim Form
  • MEES: The impact of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards on commercial lettings

    Published by Joanna Scamman (06 February 2018)
    Any commercial letting, subletting, tenant or landlord works, dilapidations claim and rent reviews effected on or after 1 April 2018 will be affected by the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (“MEES”) introduced by the government.   What’s happening? From 1 April 2018 a landlord cannot lawfully grant a new tenancy, and from 1 April 2023 cannot extend or renew an existing ten
  • Managing Social Media in the Workplace

    Published by Nicola Smyrl (24 January 2018)
    The huge growth in social media in recent years has created challenges as well as opportunities for many employers. Staff may be required to use social media as part of their employer’s business activities such as marketing or recruitment activities and it is important that any such communications are appropriate. Many employees are also likely to be engaging in social media activity of a personal
  • Keeping it in the Family - Protecting and Passing on your Family’s Wealth

    Published by Zoë Sivelle (04 January 2018)
    Many parents are keen to pass on wealth that they have accumulated during their lifetimes, usually to children or grandchildren. Careful gifting and the potential use of trusts can ensure that inheritance tax (IHT) is not charged and that any money given will be used as intended. Each individual can give up to £325,000 free of inheritance tax, on death but also taking into account the value of gift