Legal issues when growing a business

As we head into 2018, many businesses will be looking to drive growth. This seemingly simple goal is not without its challenges. Here we explore three key areas of consideration when looking to grow your business:

1. Terms & Conditions: Common Pitfalls

As your business grows it is essential to keep your eye on the ball – standard terms and conditions should be updated regularly in accordance with legislative change and, even more importantly, must be correctly incorporated as part of your contracts. We discuss the common dangers found in standard terms.

2. Moving Premises

Making the right choices about your premises when expanding your business is critical. We explore the common questions faced and the different options available when it comes to moving business premises.

3. The ‘Once in a Lifetime Transaction’

We may all think we’re good at dealing with the day-to-day issues in our business, but how good are we at the “once-in-a-lifetime” transaction?  If we’ve never done it before how can we be sure to get it right? We discuss some recent examples and our top tips.