Minimising and Managing Staff Turnover

A stable workforce which meets the needs of the business is a key requirement for any business and all businesses strive to achieve this.

The battle to achieve the prize of a stable and appropriate workforce is never fully won. Market forces, changes in the needs of the business and in particular growth strategies upset the balance in the workforce.

At the start of this year the Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce stated: “labour and skill shortages are set to be the biggest drag on business in 2018”.  Many owner-managed businesses are planning to invest in recruitment and upskilling staff to meet expected Brexit challenges.

Minimising and managing staff turnover is important in the current climate. We are running a free seminar to assist owner-managed businesses in meeting this challenge and we will be addressing the following two key areas:

1. Managing Growing Pains – “the right people in the right places”.

2. Creating a Desirable Working Environment.

All of these issues and more will be discussed in detail at our Minimising and Managing Staff Turnover seminar on 23 May at Beales Hotel. To book your place, please contact