Netflix’s Squid Games highlights parent and child relationship issues

In Episode 2 of Squid Games, Netflix’s acclaimed South Korean survival drama, Seong Gi-Hun was left feeling unimportant in his daughter’s life as he wasn’t able to contribute financially for her.

This is a feeling likely to resonate with some separated parents. Whether a parent can afford to pay child maintenance or not or pay the amount the parent with care would want, has no bearing on their role in a child’s life or indeed in relation to the contact a child is entitled to enjoy with that parent.

If the issues raised resonate with you or you need help with any other aspects relating to children arising from separation or divorce, we have an experienced team of specialist Family Solicitors here at Taylor Walton, ready to provide the advice you need.

Olive McCarthy MCIArb, has more than 20 years’ experience dealing with issues that arise on separation and divorce.