Court of Protection

Our specialist team has extensive experience of supporting clients on issues relating to the court of protection. The court of protection exists to make decisions relating to the property, affairs, healthcare and welfare of adults (and children in limited circumstances) who lack the mental capacity to handle their own affairs.

Where an individual does not already have an enduring power of attorney, or lasting power of attorney in place, it is necessary to apply to the court of protection for the appointment of a deputy should they lose the mental capacity to deal with their own affairs.

We are highly experienced in helping our clients to prepare the relevant applications and advising on the process and issues as they arise. We can also support in the registration of enduring powers of attorneys and we act for both appointed deputies and attorneys on their ongoing responsibilities.

Ensuring the right arrangements are in place can make a significant difference to the lives of our loved ones. As well as ensuring adequate management of their financial affairs, we can also work with you to limit inheritance tax and other related issues.

To find out more about our work in this area, and how we can support your unique circumstances, please contact our team as detailed below.


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