Inheritance Tax Planning

Our expert tax planning team are dedicated to helping their clients ensure that their wealth generates the maximum return for their family. Tax saving strategies and other tools such as lifetime trusts can be highly effective in preserving wealth for your chosen beneficiaries.

We understand that each client will have a unique set of needs and priorities. We work in partnership with you to identify the right strategy for your personal circumstances, whether this takes the form of a well-drafted Will, or a more complex solution designed to mitigate tax liability and provide real control over who will benefit from your assets and when.

Trusts still have a key role to play in designing tax-saving strategies, particularly where there are businesses or agricultural estates involved. In addition, Trusts are important if you wish for assets to pass directly to children or grandchildren, particularly where they are from a previous marriage. Where assets are being passed to children, you will also need to consider how they will be managed until the children come of age.

Our team have a substantial depth of knowledge around tax, trust and estate planning. We advise both corporate and private clients and draw on expertise from across the firm as needed to provide a fully rounded and comprehensive solution to each clients’ unique needs.

To find out how we can help you to maximise the return for your loved ones, please contact our dedicated team as detailed below.


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