Taylor Walton on the Big Trunk Trail to support Keech Hospice

Soon to be seen all over Luton, elephants are in the news as the Big Trunk Trail goes live, from 10 July to 8 October to raise funds for Keech Hospice Care.

Taylor Walton, along with a number of other prominent businesses, has sponsored one of the more than 70 elephants being released into the wild across Luton. The elephants, a mix of large and small, all feature unique artwork designed by local artists.

Taylor Walton can trace its law firm roots back more than 150 years in the region and supporting such a great local cause was an easy decision. A large proportion of the dedicated legal professionals within our firm live in and around Luton, supporting businesses, families and individuals with the legal challenges they face.

Most will have personal stories relating to the outstanding care provided by Keech Hospice for family, friends and colleagues which is why we have supported the hospice for many years.

The artists submitted a few different designs for us to consider, which we shared with everyone around the firm to help us choose the final look of the Taylor Walton elephant. There was a clear winner and from 10 July, you can visit the town centre to see our elephant, in all its glory.

For those who can’t wait to see the elephant in the wild, here’s a sneak peek at our chosen design.

Also, don’t forget to scan the QR code on the sponsor’s plaque in front to learn a little more about Taylor Walton and the Big Trunk Trail – there’s even a little animation that’s worth a look.

This is a great initiative that’s certainly making headlines, even with the BBC and will hopefully raise much-needed funds for Keech Hospice as the elephants appear all over Luton. We’re confident it will also help put Luton on the map for all the right reasons and it’s great for Taylor Walton to be a part of that story.

If you follow the trail and capture snaps of the elephants, please remember to tag your posts with #BigTrunkTrail so we can all enjoy them.