Why it is so important to seek advice early on when a relationship breaks down

Taylor Walton solicitors are based in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire with a dedicated team of specialist family solicitors who are able to provide advice in relation to all aspects of family matters including relationship breakdowns.

When a relationship breaks down, parties can sometimes struggle to obtain early advice and prefer not to get lawyers involved for fear that they will become embroiled in a legal battle or because they are concerned about how much it will cost to get legal advice.

Getting that all important early advice can help the parties to understand if their expectations are realistic and can help people to reassess their position so that their discussions are informed and their position is more reasonable.

At Taylor Walton Solicitors, our family solicitors in St Albans, Harpenden and Luton are able to offer advice to clients to ensure they steer matters in the right direction. Where mediation is considered the best option, clients are encouraged to engage in this process.

In some instances, this is not appropriate, particularly where there is unequal bargaining power between the parties or where there are allegations of domestic abuse. Our specialist team of family solicitors can advise on what the alternative options are to help the parties reach the best solution, whether that be outside the Court arena or in some instances by means of litigation.

The latest statistics published by the government show that it is taking on average 42 weeks for the parties to reach a final conclusion in relation to private law children matters and 55 weeks from issuing the divorce petition to obtaining the final decree of divorce – interestingly though, only 24 weeks when divorce petitions are issued digitally.

The increasing time to reach these conclusions, is in part down to court delays and backlogs but also likely to be as a result of parties to such disputes not having access to that all important initial advice. This can result in the parties having unrealistic expectations, engaging in protracted and potentially damaging negotiations or unnecessary court proceedings being required.

In some instances, a lack of legal advice can also lead to parties finalising their separation without any formal agreement surrounding what will happen to their finances which in some instances can have life changing and devastating consequences.

If you or any of your family or friends are going through a relationship breakdown or considering a separation, contact our family team in order to obtain some initial legal advice. There is no obligation to progress beyond the initial meeting and early advice can give you the knowledge and resources you need to move matters forward.

Please contact Anna Patsalides, Solicitor on 01727 818525; anna.patsalides@taylorwalton.co.uk or Will Mercer, Partner on 01727 818509; william.mercer@taylorwalton.co.uk